• Insight systems

    Vision systems from Cognex In-Sight ® are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide pieces. These autonomous vision systems, industrial quality library combine advanced vision tools to capture and image processing at high speed. And what's better, configuration and use of an In-Sight vision had never been so simple.

  • VisionPro

    VisionPro ® is available. You can get the most important vision software in the world with its robust tool library, no matter what camera or image capture card use, including non-traditional sources such as imagers X-ray, 3D and thermal properties. This means that all applications benefit from this toolkit industrial class, broad-based Cognex.

  • Industrial Identification

    The renowned family of ID readers based on high-performance image provides a high reliability reading of 1D and 2D codes in the widest range of applications, from reading codes simplest to the most difficult, marked directly on components metal, glass, ceramics and plastic.

Machine Vision equipment for automatic process control

Our Products

ikusmen Visión Artificial, s.l. is fully committed to the development of products and the installation of turnkey solutions for the industrial sector, using Artificial Vision technologies.


In ikusmen work in different sectors: Automotive, Solar, Consumer Products, Machinery and Other.


It also has the possibility to download all the necessary information about our products, and other supplemental information.

We offer training

We offer the widest range of training programs in the field of industrial vision, practical and customized training sessions.

Our customer training courses are designed for all users of Cognex vision systems, regardless of their level of expertise in vision systems. We can also offer training courses in their own facilities.


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