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Industrial identification (Id products)

The renowned family of barcode readers, based on the high-performance, highly reliable reading of 1D and 2D codes, in the widest range of applications, from simplest to the most complex barcodes, applied directly on metal, glass, ceramic and plastic components

Unrivalled reading speeds.
Easy configuration and operation.
IDMax® is a complex code reading Software for direct part marking (DPM).

For more information on Cognex identification products consult the following web-links:

DataMan® portable barcode readers:

The widest range of high-performance portable barcode readers available in the industry.

DataMan® fixed barcode readers:

The world's smallest high-performance identification readers, which are able to easily and accurately read from the simplest barcodes to the more complex DPM marking.

In-Sight® fixed readers:

Illumination, camera, identification and communications software, all this integrated in an industrial type design.


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