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Ikusmen Visión Artificial, S.L. is fully committed to the development of products and the installation of turnkey solutions for the industrial sector, using Vision Artificial technologies:

2D Vision

3D Vision

Deep Learning

Industrial identification

Ikusmen is a PSI (Product Support Integrator) of Cognex, a major supplier of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and readers of industrial identification, worldwide. We are backed up by the reliability we are afforded by the large package of solution applications provided by Cognex (with more than 350.000 equipment units installed worldwide).

Ikusmen Visión Artificial, s.l. equipment is used for the control of manufacturing chain processes and the inspection of 100% of the production. These units operate at great speeds on the manufacturing line, without stopping the production process, and have the capacity to automate processes like the measurement of heights, inspection of defects, the recognition of objects and shapes, the control of position and direction, etc. This equipment is used by the majority of the leading companies in the industrial sector, due to its feasibility, flexibility and capacity of adaptation to any manufacturing chain requiring visual inspection.

This equipment offers great flexibility when incorporated with the rest of the systems, allowing for a coordinated operation with the rest of the machinery and consequently offering the ability to “view” and inspect objectively.

With more than 20 years experience in the field of industrial vision, Ikusmen is formed by highly qualified technical personnel with the required skills to offer services that cover all our customer’s needs, when installing artificial vision equipment.



Ikusmen Visión Artificial, S.L., started operating in 1996 with the objective of dedicating itself exclusively to image analysis and artificial vision, and this way be in a position to offer its customers the maximum quality service.

In 2001 we signed a PSI (Product Support Integrator) contract with Cognex, a major supplier of vision systems, worldwide

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