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Cognex Designer

Graphical development interface featuring VisionPro vision tools.

Cognex Designer


Professional graphical user interface for 2D and 3D application development

Cognex Designer makes it faster to build complete vision applications and allows developers to more easily take full advantage of the powerful VisionPro tool library. A graphical, block diagram-based programming environment reduces development cycles and enables easier application maintenance and support.

Cognex Designer makes it easy to develop, deploy, and maintain vision applications without needing scripting or programming. Powerful interfaces can be built easily by dropping components onto a page.

Main Features

  • Simplify complex applications without losing functionality
  • Build complete vision applications in four steps
  • Option to include breakthrough deep learning-based image analysis
  • Integrated, universal communications and image acquisition
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Software VisionPro

VisionPro Software.

PC-based vision software for the most demanding 2D and 3D applications.

Accesorios De Visión

Vision Accessories.

Industrial cameras, vision controllers and I/O cards to meet any requirement.


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